Topical use products


External use products intended for cleaning, protecting and keeping the beauty of coat and cutaneous annexes of pets are quite common. For pets, the skin barrier function is essential and under some conditions, often specific, it can be altered causing skin and systemic problems. Veterinary topical use products include shampoos, balms, lotions, oinments, sprays, perfumes, insect-repellent formula and product intended for wound care and disinfection.
SAPORITI CONSULTING supports companies launching new veterinary topical use products and reviewing already existing products, through the following offer:
  • development of external use product formulations
  • market research aimed to find innovative ingredients and packaging
  • restricted ingredients evaluation
  • shelf-life evaluation and definition
  • classification of new products and re-classification of existing products: evaluation of active substances and product’s formal presentation in order to classify the product as a drug, biocide or free sale product.
  • drafting and review of labelling and package leaflet complying with European regulation
  • readability criteria evaluation and definition
  • product’s claims definition
  • clinical trials end-point definition in partnership with veterinary research institutes
  • product technical dossier
  • biocides-borderline products evaluation
  • stability studies definition
  • in-process quality control procedures and finished product quality control procedures definition
  • contact with a network of accredited laboratory of analysis
  • GMP and ISO certification consultancy
  • audit for Italian and foreign companies